Sunday, May 6, 2012

amazing sun, super moon!

  day dream...                                                                
yesterday was a lovely day of sunshine and spontaneity! a bustling morning of  self-care, mundane chores, super yummy egg & pancake breakfast my sweetie made and sorting through stuff to be discarded, gifted or packed for our upcoming move. though my plan was to spend the day organizing and catching up on computer work, the sunshine's magnetic pull and an out-of-town kindred quickly reshaped my afternoon. a little elf made the northward trek to visit a friend's land not far from mine. i met her and her sweets in town for a little
shopping spree and catching up on life's dynamic details. then i followed them on a swerving journey to the land. wow!! the wild irises, buck brush and scotch broom in fragrant bloom and the trickster poison oak peeping out from many a camouflaged hiding place, just begging to be touched. the forested land was recently purchased by a small collective of friends who plan to create home, garden and community...much like what i will soon be stepping into. the gathering this weekend is meant to infuse the land with their energy and intentions for what they want to create. it was sweet to be part of it, even if briefly. i helped my friends set up their camp, met a handful of lovely people and walked around the land taking in the wide open, layered views and the tiny wildflowers beneath my feet. as dark approached, i headed home to the work i hastily abandoned earlier in the day. beneath the crimson sky, the drive out was stunning! i kept a snail's pace on the lonely roads and soaked up as much mountain goodness as i could.

                             ***dreamy night

i left the dusty trails for paved roads just as curvy. then i rounded the bend that had me quickly pull off the road as several others had done just before me. the super moon greeted me in her colorful rising a giant egg resting on the horizon. i do so wish i had a camera and photography skills that could reveal even a fraction of how breathtaking this scene really looked! if you saw the moon tonight wherever you live, i'm guessing you get it. after absorbing some lunar magic, i continued home, noticing the active wildlife all along the way. once home, my intention was to get to my computer work. only halfway through my first task, another dear friend chatted me that she needed an ear. the choice was friend needed support and the work would certainly wait. she was so sad...feeling blue about some life choices and questioning her path. at one point she said, "i'm feeling so low". so low. so. low. solo. yeah, sounded like she was feeling solo. that place where we're having trouble feeling ourselves, to others, to anything. that out of balance place. after we said good night, i was left thinking about how we end up in these places. it brought me back to the questions i raised a couple days ago about where am i making time in my life for community and for personal space and how needed they both are to help keep in balance, to keep feeling connected. thank you to the friends who shared today with me and for the lessons of community and solitude that you reflect. may we all feel connected, loved and at peace. 

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