Friday, April 1, 2016

A Favorite Spot--Tale of New Zealand Finally Begins (though it's starting somewhere in the middle)!

Overlook from Mahia Scenic Reserve
Whoa. We've been in New Zealand for two months now--2/3 of the journey complete. It's been a lovely one with much ground covered and many beaches explored. I've been working on a blog post for the past six weeks, one that tells of our travels from the first day, in detail. As the days scroll by, my daily log grows. It's gotten REALLY long! So has the ongoing blog post. And now that I'm realizing that post is feeling like an overdue term paper, I'm changing tactics. So that this documenting actually takes place, I'm going to keep it to pics, highlights and Kavi cutenesses. I'll trust that these things will be enough to jog my memories and bring me smiles decades from now when I'm traveling memory lane.

Two towns and about one week ago found us in Mahia, on the east coast of the north island. Small, remote and abundant in beauty and magic. We had only two days to spend there and we filled them with exploration that fueled our desire and intention to return...
The view from our lodging at "Sanctuary", where we were hosted by Lorna & Dean. They welcomed us warmly, shared much history of the land and people, suggestions on where to explore locally and an invitation to return for a longer stay in the future. We plan to take them up on it!
Mahia Beach, a 3 minute drive from our lodging.
Andres & Kavi getting a little work done.
Then a little play time before heading home.
Day 2 in Mahia, we checked out the local Farmer's Market, which turned out to be much more hoping' than I would have thought. We purchased the best broccoli in New Zealand and met some really sweet farmers and a family of wwoofers from CA, who offered for us to visit them on their farm this summer. Since we'll likely be on the road for much of the year and also looking for community/home, I'm hoping to spend at least a few days with them.

 After market, we took a short drive to Mahia Scenic Reserve, where we did a little bush walk. About an hour and a half of tramping (that's what the Kiwis call hiking), took us through some amazing vegetation, across and along a small stream where we picnicked and...
 up close and personal with some tiny mushroom forests.
 Little Fairy cities!
Fungus flower
 Lush ceiling
Though Kavi slept for more than half the hike on my back, once he woke he was ready for action! He led the way, pointing out plants and the stream (repeatedly) and any slippery spots he thought we should know about. This was the longest he hiked without asking to be carried and some of the most uneven and varied terrain he's managed on his own. Mama and papa were proud! 

After our rainforest exploration, we ended up on the beach building sand castles, throwing rocks and basking in the sun. When we'd had our fill of salty waves and sandy britches, we set off for one more adventure. Driving south along the peninsula, we were graced with stunning and unusual scenery.
Layers of mountains all around us and a strange cratered shoreline. Time to stop and investigate!
The surface was smooth and hard, a silty mud that somehow wasn't mushy when wet and had taken on many forms and textures over the span of the beach.
A great place for driving trucks! :-)
I don't wanna go!! But alas, the sun was setting and it was time to return to the Sanctuary for a yummy meal, a shower and a deep rest to fuel us for the next day's journey.

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  1. That was really beautiful. I'm sure you guys are having a great time and what an experience for Kavi. Any idea when you will be returning? I I mean take in as much as you can.
    Love Dad & Doylene


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