Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my first post!

happy beltane

so here it is, my first real blog post. i thank the wild boar. boar's medicine is confrontation--facing your fears and weaknesses and turning them into strengths.  i drew this card yesterday and got the flash that it was time for me to start using this resource that's been waiting on me for a few years now. this will be a place for me to share my experiences, insights, emotions, creations, rockin' resources...the things that make my  aglow.

one top-o-the-list item these days is creating community. i'm a pioneer member of a burgeoning community endeavor that is in the process of purchasing land and carrying out its grand vision of sustainability, open-source sharing and consciousness. while visioning, planning and collaborating virtually on this ever-evolving project, i've been blessed with the opportunity to connect real-time with a sweet little family community at their farm, Laughing Heart. in june i'll move onto their land to help them to build their home (earthbag construction), grow their gardens and dreams. it will be a mini-adventure of what One Community will hold when the time comes.

today was my first day helping out at Laughing Heart. on this Beltane (which for some marks the first day of summer), we spent much of the day readying their earth for a summer garden...pulling weeds, shaping garden beds and transplanting volunteer plants. during a break, i pulled out the materials i had to make a flower essence--my first ever. calendula was bursting forth all over the garden, its bright blossoms shouting out. i picked a few, placed them in a bowl of water, offered thanks and infused a prayer into mix. it felt fortuitous to be working in the garden with these friends on the first day of summer...a radiant new beginning...to be marked with a little magic potion.

mmmmmm.....so sleepy. to honor my body and it's pleading to be horizontal and still, i will say goodnight. the point of this post is really just to make the first step...beyond any excuses. every day is so full (yaaaay life!), and can easily be full of excuses. instead i will confront, without need for perfection. ciao for now...

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  1. perfection! to new beginnings.


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