Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kavi Love!

More than one year has passed since my last entry. Seems I'm not such a prolific blogger. I'm ok with that. The most profound experience of my life transpired in the space between, so now I'm ready to write again. Just over five months ago, dear, sweet, strong, wise Kavi Vayu was born into my life. My son. I amaze at him every day. I cherish him in every moment. I'm grateful for his presence beyond any gratitude I've ever felt. And oh yes, I've now become one of the countless parents who will proudly show anyone willing to look, the infinite pictures (and videos) of her first born child. And as I share, I will be beaming and exclaiming and totally wowed as if it were the first time I were seeing the pic as well.

Most of you reading this have been receiving updates on Kavi since I went into labor on May 25th, 2014. I've really enjoyed keeping you all updated on his growth, explorations and recent cutenesses. As I've been gathering pics and thinking about sending out another email, it occurred to me that I might appreciate having this in a spot easy to come back to in future years. I'm sure I'll be reading and re-reading it all many times based on how often I've re-visited photos of him from his first few weeks of life. Expands my heart every time.

 This past six weeks or so the three of us were on the road, sleeping in a different bed every few days. Andres had many projects happening and we were ready to engage the travel as family. Kavi was such a star and brought in so much love everywhere we went! There were two short stints when papa went off on his own to further destinations (to NY and China!) and Kavi & I bopped around together visiting family, friends and handling details from "home" (aka, California). Other than that, the three of us worked and played together on many beaches: Stinson, Ocean Beach, Santa Monica, Torrey Pines, Hermosa Beach, Goat Rock and a few whose names I'm unsure.

During this time, Kavi had some big moments! He has been spending lots more time on his tummy, diligently exploring how to get his little body across the floor. He can now consistently get on all fours, where he rocks back and forth, contemplating what to do next. On occasion, he hops his bent legs forward, moves one arm forward or stretches into a downward dog. Though most of the time he still ends up in "Superman", with his arms and legs extended out as if he's flying. He is also sitting up on his own for several seconds, usually falling over when he becomes entranced with his feet, which he wants to chew on. And oh how this boy smiles when you put him on his feet! It's one of the few things that has him completely switch gears when he's feeling upset. With all this new control over his body, he is also content for much longer periods of time on his own, practicing all his new skills and looking for more. Sometimes he hangs out quietly, just checking out his environment and making coos and squeaks and squeals.

All this working out seems to be making him hungry! He has recently taken interest whenever Andres or I are eating or drinking, reaching out to grab whatever we've got. At first, it was liquids which intrigued him. While at a dear friend's wedding, I was drinking lemonade and he kept reaching out for the glass. There were several yummy drinks being offered, so I poured a glass of cucumber water for him to try. He was a pro at drinking little sips from the big cup. Each time I would pull the glass away, he would reach out for it, appearing to ask for more. Since then, almost any time one of us is drinking something, he reaches out to ask for his share. And a couple weeks ago, he got curious and grabby when I was eating a banana. When I brought it to him to smell, his mouth opened wide and he swiped at it. I touched it to his lips. He tenuously gummed at it, then made a face that looked like a combination of disdain and disinterest. Then he suddenly lit up and went after it. When I pulled it away, he became even more animated and was insisting on it coming back to him. Thus, the time of solid food is upon us.

Since that first banana nibble, he has delighted in banana a handful of times, a bite of sweet potato on his 5 month birthday, and one day was sucking on some basil leaves from a friend's garden. He had pulled off some tomato leaves and our friend tried to trade him for some basil. Kavi showed no interest whatsoever in the basil, wouldn't even take it in his hand. Andres then took him over to the basil plant, leaned him over to smell it and bam! Kavi snatched a handful and immediately put it in his mouth! His first harvest. :-)

There have also been some notable adventures we've had since last I wrote. First off was Kavi's first plane ride! It was a shortie--SF to San Diego. It was a full day of travel and he was a pro at it! We spent two weeks in SoCal, one week of which was spent at an awesome community in Vista, CA called EVO. Our dear friends Yuba & Sarah are our connection to this place, which Kavi first visited while still in my belly this past December and again in February. We love all the folks in this sweet place and they loved up on us so fully while we were there! It
turned out that our timing of being there coincided with Sarah's birthday and with Yuba & Sarah having a ceremony (and super fun party--Kavi's first late night rockin' out!) to include their friends in their recent union. On Sarah's birthday, we spent some time on a beach nearby, where a barefoot Kavi squished his toes and fingers in the sand and had a gritty nibble. Though he had been on many beaches already, this was the first occasion it was warm enough to play in the sand and dip toes in the water. He was into it! Kavi got to put his toes in the sands of a few beaches as we had several workshop commitments on this trip...and he was a show-stopper at every one!

Once we finished all the work projects, Andres was ready for a bit of relaxation and rejuvenation after so much travel and physical exertion. Time for a good to Harbin Hot Springs! We spent one night there, with Andres & I trading off to hit the cold plunge and hot pool, while the other floated in the warm pool with Kavi. He was so at ease in the water, especially when papa gave him a little Watsu session.

From Harbin, we headed to Laughing Heart (our home) for a few days. It was a great reunion for everyone to see Kavi and all his growth. Our final day there was Halloween. We all got dressed up and went out on the town together...Kavi's first trick-or-treat! Though he slept through much of it.

And now we are landed in Stinson Beach, where we're staying for the winter. We've been in our little beach cottage almost one week and it is a wonderful place! We've been to the beach (and created art!) every day so far. Andres is very excited to have such a great canvas so close at hand...and during the best tides of the year. I'm excited to be in such a sweet spot and looking forward to carving out time for my own creative endeavors. Kavi is just plain excited. :-) The song of the ocean, feel of the sand and vast view of sky and water will weave strongly into this phase of his life. I'm certain we will all experience much growth in our time here.

 Big thank yous, kisses and love to all the friends who housed, hugged, fed and entertained us during our travels! So many aunties, uncles and cousins. Kavi is well loved!

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