Saturday, June 9, 2012

Eating it up!


46 goats were delivered yesterday to Laughing Heart to eat the poison oak and weeds around the farm--to clear space for tents and walking paths as well as for fire control. Here's a video of them heading off to work. The 2 baby goats can be seen at 0:49 and cute!!

These eco land management specialists arrived while Andres & I were in the midst of building the platform for our new home (pics to come). Rockstar Andres continued the build while I oohed & ahhed and documented their arrival.

When I rejoined the effort he had finished the platform and we put up our tent. Our home is now ready and awaiting our arrival. We will start bringing our things over in the next couple of days and will be sleeping in our nest in the trees (free of poison oak!) by next weekend...around the time the goats will be finishing up their job.

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