Friday, September 6, 2013

Abundance...You Already Have It and How to Access More!

Abundance of beauty and possibility
What a vast, magical, thought-provoking and potentially challenging concept! I suppose the place to start is by asking, What Is Abundance? To me, it's a fullness, an overflowing, a feeling of "enoughness" with plenty to spare. It can also feel like an out-of-reach fantasy when focused on lack of something in my life. The beauty of this last acknowledgement is that I hold the power in it. It's my focus that creates that out-of-reachness. At least that's my belief.

"What makes allowing abundance difficult? Awareness of not enough abundance!" ~Abraham

Andres w/food from the garden
So how do I create more? By noticing the abundance I DO have! The gift of this life, my body, a roof over my head, a vehicle that takes me where I want to go, this computer/internet that allow me access to endless resources and connection with others, living so steeped in nature and receiving its gifts daily, food from our garden, and I could go on and on. Everyone's list will look different, yet we ALL have things in our life to be grateful for. Recently I've taken on a daily gratitude and meditation practice that help me tune into all the abundance I have in my life (and may take for granted) and to feel it in my body. The simple practices of acknowledging what I'm grateful for each morning and appreciating something that happened in my day each night before sleep, have been coloring my days with greater beauty as my heart and perspective can't help but open by bringing more appreciative energy into my life. And it feels as if the Universe is responding to my appreciation by offering me exciting opportunities. Perhaps so, perhaps not. At the very least, though, my choice to focus on what I do have is shifting scarcity beliefs I've carried around for many years. I'm ever more able to witness this world as infinitely resourced and accessible to me.

What's beautiful about this (besides greater internal satisfaction), is how this perspective change is also shifting negative self-worth beliefs. As I'm able to acknowledge and appreciate how much I have, I also feel more appreciation for myself and that I am worthy of having is everyone. The next ring out in this upward spiral is that when I'm feeling full, worthy and blessed, I'm able to extend that abundance out to others in a healthy, connected way! It could be a helping hand, a gift, a donation or a kind word--any of these bring more joy, more light, more love to the world. And can help shift another's belief in their access to abundance, perhaps even inspiring them to give. Keep feeding that upward spiral!

From a full-heart place, I'd like to share a couple of the ways I'm enjoying sharing my appreciation and abundance with others.

HoneyRoot donation jar
~Make Change Campaign: this is my personal fundraising effort in order to donate to a yearly women's HoneyRoot. Simple! And I'm unlikely to notice being "out" anything since it's just a few coins here and there. Especially when I receive such value out of this ongoing experience! I've shared this campaign with the online HoneyRoot community and invited them to join in the effort...either by saving their coins, or by matching what I save each month. I plan on donating the savings prior to next year's event. In the two months I've been saving, I've raised nearly $40. Exciting to see what it will be in a year! And this model can be used for so much--to help a friend, donate to an organization, or for some self-care cause you wouldn't otherwise spend on.
retreat (that feels to be a budding community) centered around embodiment, empowerment, deep and authentic connection and intergenerational exploration. Here's how it works...every time I make a cash purchase, any coins I receive back go into a jar marked

Summer Solstice 2013 giveaway
~Etsy Giveaway: One way I am shaping my Etsy shop is cultivating it as a space for trusting in abundance...knowing there is plenty for everyone of whatever they need/desire. I am doing this by offering discounts for those who share what's in their heart when they make a purchase, sharing resources and how-to's for those who would rather create their own treasure and by offering a seasonal gift of appreciation for those who witness and support my shop. Every Solstice & Equinox I randomly gift an item from my shop to someone who has "favorited" that item. The next receiver will be chosen and announced on September 21, 2013 in honor of the start of fall.

~Support Local & Individuals: My tendency in donating has become more personalized. Now and then a friend's request for monetary support reaches my email and I'm moved to donate to their "cause" of moving, attending a permaculture course or raising money to start their own biz. Giving small amounts of money a few times a year feels like a nice way to appreciate what flows to me while helping others manifest their dreams.

In all of this (the giving, the receiving, the believing), it feels as though trust is key. Trust in myself, in others, in the Universe. And I build this trust by being grateful and continuing to expand my perception of what is possible while acknowledging that my perspective is limited and the Universe contains many more possibilities than I can possibly imagine. So, instead of praying that the money will be there when I need it, I offer trust that what I need to be taken care of will be there for me at the right time. Because hey, maybe the cash needed to buy the new car won't show up. But perhaps the car itself will! Or a new life arrangement where suddenly you can bike to wherever you need to go. Abundant possibilities. And for that, I am grateful.

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