Monday, September 9, 2013

An Opening...


In the past week or so, life has been cresting on the wave of fullness. A couple days ago, I somewhat reluctantly answered the phone call of a friend and in the first few moments noticed I was feeling anxious and wanting to keep the call brief. I don't care for this feeling of hastiness with others because I have a big ol' list of "to do's". Not when the bigger point of life (for me), is connection. So I took a deep breath and slowed my pace a bit, knowing I could still keep the call brief and honor my commitments, but while being more present to the moment(s) we were choosing to connect. Then it hit me! My relationship with busy-ness is all tied up in scarcity...of time. In beliefs around what "has" to be done and the timing it "must" be done in. And when I turned away from that wall of heaviness, I saw through a window of potential...that all the busy-ness currently filling my life is the answer to many of my calls for abundance! Right! So now I'm sitting with and cultivating this new perspective. If/when I feel frantic, to take a deep breath, be sure it's true that I "need" to be tending to all I'm tasking myself with, and to notice what/where all the tasks are coming from. Chances are, many of them are answers to my prayers to the Universe showing up. And it's time for me to show some gratitude! And possibly re-shape or get more clear on the requests if it feels like more than I'm able to handle. Oh this feels like a big one for me! What would it be like if I could meet each task, chore and errand with gratitude, as an answer to some prayer asked at some point in my life? I'm going to explore this a bit...

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