Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Finding Voice & Crafting Its Message

Today was my second private session with Ayla, workshopping around voice, song channeling, the creative process of singing. I had an "aha" today around breath and sound and their intimate interplay. When I hear my own voice as "off", it is not so much my voice as my delivery, my connection to the message I am expressing. And the simple key to experiencing my voice as "on", or how I'm wanting to project it, is to bring in more breath. To bring more air (ie. more life) into the notes...this will send it out much more powerfully, more clearly. Whether it be a loud note or soft. Seems so simple, yet it was profound for me today. I have a whole new excitement and outlook on what is possible and what I am capable of. I plan on taking this lesson into other areas of my life. How much life am I breathing into what it is I'm doing/creating/being? Am I focused on the connection in my body and really giving voice to what's there, or am I focused on fear, criticism, old belief systems, staying small, holding back, holding my breath? Mmmmmm....feels good to come to a place of appreciation for the voice I have. And this leading to a deeper appreciation for the message I carry. We all have so much to offer, such beautiful voices. Let them be heard!

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  1. You have an AMAZING voice!!!!!!! Your voice makes me smile and your energy is infectious. This is such a lovely post. I see you. I feel you. Your insights are a gift to the world, and so important. I love you <3


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